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Looking to escape the cold in winter and heat in summer? Make your home or workplace comfortable and healthy to live in. We offer the supply and install of leading heat pump brands and SmartVent systems to service a single room through to the whole house. 
Air Conditioners unlike other forms of heating offer features that others cannot, like dehumidifying, air filtration, safety and ease of use.
Paired with a ventilation system which pressurises the home and pushes out the stale damp air you get left with a warmer drier home which is easier to heat.
The latest heat pumps have the ability to connect to your WI-FI networks and be controlled via your smartphones, also included are wired or remote controllers with timers to suit your daily routines.
So why wait? Get in touch with the team at Enlighten Electrical to arrange a free consultation on a unit that suits you.

Air Conditioner
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What we can provide

Interior Design


Efficient & Convenient

High wall air conditioners are the most popular units with no impact on floor space, efficient heating and cooling at the touch of a button and easy installation.
Most high wall applications on existing houses are installed onto an external wall with the compressor unit located directly behind the interior unit.



Single Room Solution

Floor consoles are great alternatives to high wall units for applications where wall space is at a premium or where a wall mounted system is not suitable, they can be fitted onto internal walls and even partially recessed into wall cavities. Access underneath your property is required for the installation of these units.

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Discrete Heating

Ducted or central heating systems offer discrete whole home heating and cooling. With the ability to control individual zones and isolate areas which don't require heating these are the premium in comfort and control. The indoor units are located within the ceiling space or under the floor with ducting connecting to ceiling or floor diffusers.



Positive Pressure

Have you noticed an increase in the condensation in your home? Left unchecked this moisture can lead to mould, dampness and health issues. Contact Enlighten Electrical today for a free home assessment on a suitable SmartVent system to control the moisture for a healthier easier to heat home.

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Excellent service. Arrived on time and carried out electrical work quickly and efficiently. Good value.

Alex Stephenson

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